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KARTER: Function meets design

The KARTER elevated glass bowl its simple and clean design, glass fits well to every interior and matches all kinds of different materials. As the bowl is placed on a raised glass base, it allows your dog’s to drink and eat comfortably, without having to lie down or bend. It is suitable for both water and dry or wet feed. The KARTER glass bowls are protected by a patent.

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KARin and TEReza found their inspiration in everyday life and work and founded KARTER in 2018 in the beautiful city of Prague. Two owners, business partners and friends are the creative minds behind the brand. Our main business is luxury real estate – selling exceptional properties.

We have learnt that luxury properties owners put great emphasis on quality interior design and the choice of accessories. The equipment of the place for our pets turned out to be surprisingly neglected. This has made us start thinking about the perfect dog dish that would be health-friendly, elevated and at the same time could make elegant design accessories to any interior, together with meeting the principles of sustainability.

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My lovely Weimaraner girl Amina makes a great company in my everyday life and work in real estates. My dog, my pet and mate accompanies me on my journeys, to restaurants, during shopping, simply everywhere. Since we have been together I haven’t found a product that would meet my requirements considering the size of Amina and also look good in our household. KARTER is a design object that makes me happy every time I look at it. We have KARTER in our Art-Nouveau apartment in Prague, as well as in the modern interior of our country house and we simply can’t live without it any more.


I have fallen in love with the borzoi breed and for the last 5 years, my best friends have been two Russian aristocrats, Ludolf (Luda) and Amalfi. I have been looking for the perfect solution for their feeding corner, tried various ways of keeping their dish high enough for their physique so they don’t have to lay down while eating. I was also bothered by the way most of the dishes kept moving around on the floor during the feeding time.

What I like about the KARTER is not only its clean design and function but also the way I can decorate it and use it – I like hiding my dogs’ treats and leashes inside the glass base, right under the bowl. I am so happy that Luda and Amalfi finally have proper bowls they need that we got four pieces of KARTERs in our home!