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Karter Products

KARTER Elevated Glasbowls

The KARTER elevated glass bowl its simple and clean design, glass fits well to every interior and matches all kinds of different materials. As the bowl is placed on a raised glass base, it allows your dog’s to drink and eat comfortably, without having to lie down or bend. It is suitable for both water and dry or wet feed.

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KARTER Blankets

Our KARTER blanket is the perfect way to accommodate the maximum comfort of your dog’s. It’s not only the perfect bed, but also the decoration of your interior and eventually a luxury travel supplement for your dog. Every blanket is unique and hand made peace.

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KARTER Collars

KARTER collar is an elegant and luxury complement for your dog‘s. This soft and warm collar made of high-quality fur and Italian leather provides a comfortable feeling for your dog every walk in cold weather.

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The idea of craftsmanship and Czech tradition has always been crucial to us. Our goal was to find people as enthusiastic about our idea as us.
We found a family business in the Central Bohemian Region in the picturesque landscape around the castle of Bezděz. They are a team of people keen on their work, based on perfect quality and relationship with each customer.

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